The roofs and facades of the old and new Forging shop were restored after two decades

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After two decades of non-deduction in the investment of the buildings of the old and new Froging shops, 14. OKTOBAR d.o.o. Kruševac has invested considerable funds in the rehabilitation of roofs and facades.

Replacement of horizontal and vertical gutters, supply and installation of aluminum trapezoidal sheet with thermal insulation, part of the roof was repaired, 60m ventilation dome replaced at the old Forging shop and repaired on a new one in the length of 100m, purchase and installation of profiled glass on the part of the facade new Forging shop, as well as the replacement of a significant area of glass on the facade of the old Forging shop, thus completing works on these buildings.

How is the investment plan for 2018? foreseen, at the facilities of old and new Forging shops, with the elaboration of lighting and heating elaboration, it will be realized with the plan of completion of works by the end of the year, thus the facilities will be maximally functional.

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