Turning is a metal cutting process for producing a cylindrical surface with a single point tool. The workpiece is rotated on a spindle and the cutting tool is fed into it radially, axially or both. Producing surfaces perpendicular to the workpiece axis is called facing. Producing surfaces using both radial and axial feeds is called profiling.

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Additional information

External longitudinal machining

max. processing diameter øD=730mm
max. processing length L=6000mm
max. workload G=8000daN

Head machining

max. processing diameter øD=1850mm
max. processing length L=200mm
max. workload G=1570daN

External transversal machining between the spikes

max. working diameter above bridge øD=760mm
max. working lenght above bridge L=220mm
max. processing length between the spikes L=2000mm

Internal machining

processing diameter øD=20 ÷ 380mm
max. processing length L=200mm

Carousel machining

max. processing diameter øD=2400mm
max. processing length/ height L=1000mm