BTH 2.14OKT mounted on automobile chassis TATRA 815 721, is fire fighting and rescue modification.

Self-propelled multi-purpose landscaping machine mounted on TATRA 815 chassis. The machine is primarily intended for fire fighting and rescue corps and finds its application wherever there is a need for immediate action to save lives and property, during natural disasters, fires, industrial accidents.



  • BTH 2.14OKT 1 → with microtravel function
  • BTH 2.14OKT 2 → without microtravel function


This modification is primarily designed to perform operations such as:

  • Excavations of anti-fire trenches on forests and fields, both as a prevention or directly during the fires.
  • Demolition of civil and industrial objects effected by the fire, both during the burning and also after the fire has been extinguished.
  • Breaching of roofs and walls of burning object in order to enable penetration of extinguishing mixture into the objects.
  • Releasing, widening and deepening of river beds during floods.
  • Removing of ice blocks and tree trunks from rivers during floods.
  • Other rescue operations.

Advantages of this design:

  • the movement of the whole machine on the working site is controlled from the superstructure cabin
  • control of stabilizing supports, steering, and movement of the machine itself on the working site during excavation of trenches is controlled from the superstructure cabin
  • steering of the front wheels is controlled via simple switch which enables left, right turns of front axle wheels
  • complete operations of the whole machine by just one person from the superstructure cabin (this is especially useful when frequent transfer on short distances is needed)


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Additional information


Length of the machine: 9450 mm
Width of the machine: 2500 mm
Height of the machine: 3980 mm
Chassis ground clearance: 365 mm

Working parameters

Output at shovelling (excavating): 115 m3.h-1
Maximum total excavating force from thrust and retraction of the boom: 85 kN
Load capacity on the tilting point of the telescope (without the use of extension arms):
– retracted telescope: 7 000 kg
– extended telescope: 2 600 kg
Superstructure revolutions: 8 rpm
Tool revolutions: 20 rpm
Maximum travel speed: 100 km per hour Climbing ability on a hard surface: 50,7 % Overall machine weight: 24 800 kg

TATRA 815 721 chassis

Three axles, with permanent drive of both rear axles, with possibility to engage the front axle drive and differential closures. 6×6 drive, chassis engine output: 230 kW.

Superstructure engine

Type / Output: John Deere 4045 HF 285 / 94 kW at 2200 rpm
General description: compression ignition, four-stroke with direct fuel injection, in-line, vertical
Cooling: liquid-type with forced circulation and thermo regulator
Lubrication: engine oil circulation under pressure
Number/ volume of cylinders: 4 / 4,5 dm3
Maximum torsion moment: 540 Nm at 1400 rpm
Hydraulic system: REXROTH

Hydraulic power units

– double hydro-generator A8 VO 107 with output regulation
– hydro-generator A10 VO 45 with output regulation (only UDS 214 modification 41)
– gear hydro-generator 1PF 2G2 – 016 – with constant delivery of hydraulic liquid
– seven-circuit monoblock 7M8-22
– single-circuit monoblock 1MO-16 (only UDS 214 modification 41)

Output at shovelling (excavating)

115 m3.h-1