How hydrodynamic coupling in 14. OKTOBAR is born – Part 1 – Casting

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Hydrodynamic coupling is the basic and simplest component in hydrodynamic power transmission. “14. OKTOBAR “won the complete family for the transmission of power from 0.2 to 1.700 kW for electric motors and SUS engines.
Hydrodynamic couplings are used for wise, continuous transmission of power from the drive to the working machine, without a firm mechanical connection between them. Safe protection keeps the transmission system from overloading.
Considering the new quality process that takes place in the hydrodynamic transmission of power, completely different from the usual conventional systems, in order to optimize the utilization, knowledge of the work, operating parameters and their harmonization with the drive and working machine is necessary.
Specialists “should be consulted for the selection of the hydrodynamic coupling”. OKTOBAR “.

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