July 6, 2018


Ethical line of the company 14. OKTOBAR d.o.o. Kruševac, serves for employees to report on anti-social activities.

Announcement, resp. the incentive of the employee in good faith is confidential and the notifier may remain anonymous.

Ethical line of the company 14. OKTOBAR d.o.o. Kruševac represents an effective tool for the employees and a credible way to report on the initiatives of anti-social activity in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection (“Official Gazette of RS”, no. 97/2008, 104/2009 – other law, 68/2012 – decision US and 107/2012).

The ethical line is not intended to report extraordinary events (floods, fires, etc. falling within the competence of the police, fire brigade and rescue service), to solve problems in the normal course of the organization and to balance personal accounts between employees.

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