Dual education in 14. Octobar

Dual education is a model of implementation of teaching in secondary vocational education in which, through theoretical teaching and exercises in the school, and through learning through work with the appropriate employer, they acquire and build skills, knowledge and abilities in accordance with the standard of qualification and the curriculum, which students will be able to practically apply in their work.

“Learning through work” is an organized process during which students, under the guidance and supervision of an instructor in a real work environment with an employer, acquire the competencies necessary for efficient and productive work in a particular occupation or group of occupations.

According to the model of dual education in the company 14. OKTOBAR d.o.o. Kruševac, students are studying for educational profiles such as locksmith, welder – 12 students and machine processing operator – 10 students. Agreements on dual education between the First Technical School Kruševac and the company 14. OKTOBAR d.o.o. Kruševac were signed in 2019. in the Chamber of Commerce of the Rasina Administrative District.

If they prove as good workers, after finishing school, these young people will get the opportunity for employment.

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