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Civil and military precise metal processing company with focus on engineering, production and installations.
leading manufacturer of own processing and mining equipment

14. OKTOBAR is all over the world well known manufacturer of open pits equipment. Buyers appreciate our high quality solutions from project over the production to construction. Main product categories include: welded steel structures, cranes, bridges, machines for mines, gear units, axial bearings of big diameter, power units components like hydrodynamic couplings, transporters and special purpose machines. 14. OKTOBAR d.o.o. Kruševac is also producing metal parts for tank, artillery, mortar ammunition and missiles since 1995. The program includes standard caliber from 60mm to 128mm, which is technologically conquered and the production of multi-part shell bodies for caliber from 130mm to 155mm. Our impressive offer of services include high precision metal processing and high quality heat treatment techniques. Products portfolio is complemented with Tatra trucks equipped with different types of superstructures and unstoppable fire-fighting Tatra vehicles.

  • Processing and mining equipment

  • Big caliber body shells

  • Metal processing and heat treatment services

  • Tatra trucks with various superstructures, including fire-fighting vehicles


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